ioNeurons FM10

FPGA Processing Module

The ioNeurons™ FM10 introduces a compact-sized FPGA development module suited for prototyping circuit designs such as robots and portable projects. The FM10 board is designed with MAX 10 device with 50,000 LEs. 

User can apply complex real-time control algorithm and image processing with the 4MB SRAM. FM10 can easily transfer data to computer via USB port with embedded FTDI USB chip.

Hard-Real-Time & Parallel Processing

A Field Programmable Gate Array(FPGA) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by designer after manufacturing. FPGA designs employ very fast I/Os and bidirectional data buses which can be used to implement any logical function that an ASIC could perform. ioNeurons™ FM10 has SRAM and large resources of logic gates in FPGA to implement complex digital computations.

FPGAs are capable of becoming any digital circuit.

FPGAs are far more capable under the same power requirements than a microprocessor.  Taking advantage of hardware parallelism, FPGAs also exceed the computing power of digital signal processors by breaking the paradigm of sequential execution and accomplishing more per clock cycle.  Without OSs, FPGA circuitry is truly a "hard" implementation of program execution, it is more reliable, minimize reliability concerns with true parallel execution and deterministic hardware dedicated to every task. 


FM10 module is stack-able to extend the number of I/Os and logic elements. The collaboration between modules has never been as simple as ioNeurons stack-able design.   

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We spare no effort to build a reliable open source VHDL library to accelerate your project development

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Quick Start

The tutorial provides a quick introduction to using ioNeurons. The guide  will show you how to set up a simple application using ioNeurons FM10 in 10 mins.

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  • Core: Intel® MAX 10 FPGA with 50000 Logic Elements(LEs).

  • Integrated analog-to-digital(ADC) converters with 1MSPS

  • Internally stored dual configuration flash

  • User flash memory

  • 4MB SRAM with 16-bit data bus.

  • 50MHz crystal oscillator

  • 2 LEDs

    • P_LED(red) for 3.3v power-on​

    • LED1 (green) user programmable

  • 1 USB port micro-AB connector

  • 1 push-buttons (reset)

  • 2 slide switches

  • 24-pin Flat Flex Cable(FFC) connector

  • 2x30-pin Stackble Connector

  • Embedded Dual voltage outputs: 3.3V and 5V 

  • 1x CAN (Embedded high-speed CAN Transceiver)

  • 40 GPIOs.

  • Model: FM10

  • Dimensions: 40x55mm

  • Weight: Approx 10.2g 

  • Input Voltage: 5~16V DC

  • Output Voltage: 3.3V & 5V

  • Operating Temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)

  • Mounting  hole diameter: 2.3mm

Stack to EM4

get more power with 

microprocessor and Linux


Smart Together

ioNeurons' modules are stack-able in no particular order, allowing to mix and match modules' individual capabilities to the project's needs.

Do you need a microprocessor or Linux working with FPGA?