Smart modules,
even smarter together!

Stack-able, Smarter Together

The ioNeurons Ecosystem's design is based on combining individual strengths into highly adaptable and powerful solutions.  ioNeurons' modules are stack-able in no particular order, allowing to mix and match modules' individual capabilities to the project's needs. Current modules include various processing (FPGA, MCU, Computation), sensing and IO - interface components.

Processing Module

Need computing power? The STM32F4 a high-performance ARM® Cortex®-M4 core based MCU is deployed on the EM4. 
Not enough? The EM4 is ready to accept the Intel® Edison. With RPi-IO module it also can work with Raspberry Pi.

Need high speed IO processing? The FM10 FPGA module ..... One not enough?  Just Stack them!

Sensor Module

Need to know what's going on? The C5M sensing module does not only include a 5MP camera, it comes with its own IMU and its own optical TOF range sensor.

One is not enough? Stack the deck! Like all ioNeurons modules connectivity is at their core.

Fast processing? Pair them with the FM10 FPGA modules.

Interface I/O Module

How to interface to your robot? Well ultimately that is up to you, but we believe in sharing.

The PICA-IO board covers most interfacing needs for UAV development including ADC, CAN, I2C, PWM, SPI and general UARTs.  On top of that it includes 3 LEDs, its own IMU (3 angular rates, 3 linear accelerations, 3 magnetic field components) and a high resolution barometer.

With RPi-IO, All ioNeurons processing module can work with Raspberry Pi.

To make your Raspberry Pi with FPGA power, just stack it with ioNeurons.