ioNeurons RPi-IO

RPi-IO is an adapter module which can connect Raspberry Pi and ioNeurons FPGA, MCU modules to enhance the computing power of Raspberry Pi.

Especially in real-time processing, FPGA and MCU modules free up the Linux OS based Raspberry Pi for higher level tasks.

RPi-IO also offers a Motion Tracking device that combines a 3-Axis gyroscope, 3-Axis accelerometer, 3-Axis magnetometer and a Digital Motion Processor.

Making Raspberry Pi More Powerful

Raspberry Pi with ioNeurons platform is a system on module (SoM) which has built its success with innovation, flexibility, research and development. This SoM accelerates product design and research by offering multiple levels of computing power with a combination of FPGAs and MCUs in a compact space.



Raspberry Pi 2/3


FM10, EM4

FM10: FPGA Module

EM4: MCU Module

RPi-IO: Adapter Module

Raspberry Pi 2/3


ioNeurons' modules are stack-able in no particular order, allowing to mix and match modules' individual capabilities to the project's needs.  To extend your Raspberry Pi computing power with multiple FPGAs and MCUs never be easier like today with ioNeurons.

1 RPi + 2 FPGA + 2 MCU (Front View)

1 RPi + 2 FPGA + 2 MCU (Back View)

1 RPi + 2 FPGA + 2 MCU (Front View)